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Episode Archive

225 episodes of InfluenceWatch Podcast since the first episode, which aired on December 7th, 2017.

  • Episode 17: Amy Wax & Affirmative Action

    March 29th, 2018  |  52 mins 37 secs
    affirmative action, amy wax, ford foundation, mismatch, university of pennsylvania

    In yet another leftist blow up on college campuses, radical students and faculty are attacking University of Pennsylvania professor Amy Wax for opposing affirmative action.

  • Episode 16: Cambridge Analytica

    March 22nd, 2018  |  56 mins 22 secs
    analytics, bannon, cambridge analytica, catalist, consultancy, data, facebook, mercer, politics, scandal, social media, trump, zuckerberg

    Trump-connected political consultancy and data analytics firm Cambridge Analytica has single handedly dropped Facebook's stock value over 10%. Why? A major scandal involving user data accompanied by hints of dark political manipulations. We tell you the truth about the scandal.

  • Episode 15: #GunControlNow vs. #2A

    March 15th, 2018  |  47 mins 40 secs
    2nd amendment, americans for responsible solutions, ar-15, assault rifles, assault weapons, constitution, everytown, florida, gun control, gun owners of america, gun restriction, handguns, march for our lives, marjory stoneman douglas high school, michael bloomberg, moveon, national association for gun rights, national rifle association, nra, parkland, second amendment, second amendment foundation, semi-automatic

    In the wake of the Parkland, Florida school massacre, gun control advocates have become filled with hope this could be their moment. Who are they, who is funding them, and who is fighting them to defend the 2nd Amendment?

  • Episode 14: Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions

    March 8th, 2018  |  50 mins 29 secs
    aipac, bds, boycott, conservative, divestment, israel, j-street, jewish voices for peace, palestine, peace, sanctions, students for justice in palestine, united nations

    The movement for Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions (BDS) against Israel is a mainstay on college campuses - for some due to the Jewish state's policies and for others due to its very existence. How did it get this way, and who are the players on both sides?

  • Episode 13: Janus v. AFSCME (with guest Mark Mix!)

    March 1st, 2018  |  44 mins 26 secs
    afscme, conservative, constitution, first amendment, free speech, labor unions, legal, libertarian, mark janus, mark mix, national right to work, politics, right to work, supreme court, union dues, unions

    Special guest Mark Mix (National Right To Work) discusses the vital Supreme Court case Janus v. AFSCME and his organization's role in it.

  • Episode 12: Stump the Experts! Live at CPAC

    February 22nd, 2018  |  54 mins 14 secs
    american bridge 21st century, capital research center, conservative political action conference, cpac, david brock, dr. steven j. allen, matthew vadum, steve allen

    We're at CPAC 2018! Today, we hosted a panel where we invited listeners to ask us their questions about influential organizations and try to stump us. We even got a question from a David Brock employee...

  • Episode 11: The Brocktopus

    February 15th, 2018  |  43 mins 30 secs
    anita hill, conservative, david brock, democratic politics, hillary clinton, media matters for america, politics, shareblue

    Heard of political operative David Brock? If you haven't, you've definitely seen his intricate political machinations.

  • Episode 10: De Blasio’s New York

    February 8th, 2018  |  39 mins 23 secs
    berlinrosen, bill de blasio, campaign, corruption, democrat, democratic party, fight for $15, mayor, money, new york, new york city, nyc, politics, progressive agenda committee, seiu, seiu 1199, service employees international union, special interests, working families party

    Who is Mayor Bill de Blasio? Who wanted him in office and why? And why ought we be concerned about him and his potential run for president?

  • Episode 9: Koch vs. Soros

    February 1st, 2018  |  56 mins 14 secs
    americans for prosperity, billionaire, cato, charity, charles koch, conservative, corruption, david koch, democracy alliance, donor, foundation, foundation to promote open society, george soros, influence, koch brothers, koch industries, koch seminar network, libertarian, mercatus center, money, money in politics, open society, open society foundations, philanthropy, policy center, politics, reason foundation, special interest, super pac

    Who impacts our politics more, the Koch Brothers or George Soros? And to what end? We detail their political empires.

  • Episode 8: The Opioid Crisis

    January 25th, 2018  |  43 mins 46 secs
    addiction, conservative, crisis, drugs, fentanyl, heroin, libertarian, opiates, opioids, painkillers, politics, prescription, public health, rural america, trump

    We discuss the opioid crisis, the influencers who contributed to it and those trying to stop it, and the battle over the President's Nationwide Public Health Emergency to address the opioid crisis.

  • Episode 7: Behind the Immigration Battle Lines

    January 18th, 2018  |  45 mins 46 secs
    center for immigration studies, conservative, daca, deferred action for childhood arrivals,, government, government shutdown, illegal immigration, immigration, libertarian, migration policy institute, policy, politics, president, racism, shithole, trump, trump administration, undocumented

    We discuss DACA, the president's "vulgar" comments, and the influencers on both sides of the immigration debate.

  • Episode 6: Government Shutdown?!

    January 11th, 2018  |  41 mins 2 secs
    big government, budget, conservative, debt, deficit, federal, government, libertarian, money, politics, shutdown, special interests, spending

    Negotiations over the federal budget have started in Washington, leading to the possibility of a government shutdown if no deal is reached. What does this mean, and who are the special interests looking to protect their funding in the budget?

  • Episode 5: Uprising in Iran

    January 4th, 2018  |  37 mins 26 secs
    analysis, conservative, deal, foreign policy, iran, nuclear, obama, ploughshares fund, politics, protests

    Protests for reform have broken out in Iran, with the theocratic state cracking down leaving 21 people dead. How did we get to this point, and what does it tell us about President Obama's nuclear deal with the regime?

  • Episode 4: Year in Review

    December 28th, 2017  |  40 mins 27 secs

    For our final show of the year, Scott and Mike take us through the biggest stories of 2017 to tell us about why they matter and the influencers behind them.

  • Episode 3: The Battle Over Net Neutrality

    December 21st, 2017  |  34 mins 58 secs
    conservative, fcc, free market, internet, net neutrality, politics, regulations

    The FCC votes to remove Obama-era Net Neutrality regulations. Will this really hurt the internet and raise your prices? Who wanted Net Neutrality and why?

  • Episode 2: Judges! Judges! Judges!

    December 14th, 2017  |  46 mins 45 secs
    appointments, conservative, courts, judiciary, nominees, politics, president trump, senate

    Who gets to control the courts for the next forty years? The administration fights against left-wing organizations to get their judges confirmed.