Blackrock Loves China

Episode 208 · March 4th, 2022 · 24 mins 41 secs

About this Episode

Most Americans have heard the term "woke," and many have heard it attached to businesses. But what American consumers may not know is that there's a man behind the "woke boardroom" movement that is very powerful, controls a lot of money, and has shown an interest in investing his clients' money in China rather than the U.S. His name is Larry Fink, and he's the CEO of BlackRock, a very large money management firm. Consumer's Research, led by Will Hild, has been attempting to expose Fink's affinity for the Chinese Communist Party, and Fink recently pushed back, writing a letter to letter to CEO's taking exception to CR's criticism. However, Fink never reveals in the letter his links to China and the hypocrisy of his "woke" business principles. Will Hild joins CRC's Communications Director Sarah Lee on the Influence Watch podcast today to talk about CR's ad campaigns, websites, and public relations push to expose the tortured philosophy of Larry Fink.


Consumers Research:

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Fink's letter:

CR's letter to Governors:


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