The Weather Underground Resurfaces

Episode 185 · September 2nd, 2021 · 22 mins 36 secs

About this Episode

On his way out the door, disgraced former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo left one final “present” for liberal ideologues: a parole referral for David Gilbert, serving 75 years to life for his role in the 1981 Brink’s armored car robbery that led to the deaths of two police officers and a Brink’s guard. Gilbert was a member of the Weather Underground, a New Left radical extremist group active in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Joining me to discuss Gilbert’s likely release, the history, and the continuing influence of the “Weathermen” is Ken Braun, who wrote the extensive InfluenceWatch profile on the extremist group.

The Weather Underground:

The Weather Underground's Professorial Future:

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