Getting America Back to Work (with guest Megan Rose)

Episode 171 · May 28th, 2021 · 15 mins 28 secs

About this Episode

As pandemic restrictions have begun easing in the states, employers are facing a new problem: labor shortages due to unemployment insurance bonuses that were intended to help people laid off from work during the pandemic. Many people are still collecting that benefit and it has led to a situation where employers are desperate to hire people making the rational financial decision to take a check over finding meaningful work.
Joining the InfluenceWatch Podcast today is Megan Rose, a civil society fellow at the Manhattan Institute & CEO of a nonprofit organization called Better Together that works to provide a dignified way to prevent child neglect through programs that strengthen families and help keep kids out of the foster care system. As part of that work, Better Together provides compassionate “second chance” job fair programs. Rose began noticing attendance at their job fairs has dropped precipitously in the last year. She wrote an excellent piece at the Manhattan Institute’s City Journal about why she thinks that’s happening. It’s called, Jobs Without Takers, and in it she theorizes ways that America’s governors can help get people back to work to benefit the economy, individuals, and families.

Some of Rose’s other work is below:
• The Pandemic Response Shows Why Charities, Not Governments, Are the Best Option for Those in Need (Chronicle of Philanthropy -

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